Give AWAY of $100 each to 10 lucky winners.?????

Good day friends.

I will be doing a 100% discount for the Futures Trading Class and Strategy premium group. The cost for the class is N50,000.

I’m giving away N500,000 Naira to the 10 lucky winners.

The 100% discount will be for my Futures Trading Class and Strategy.

All participants are required to carry out a task, at the end of the day 10 participants will be chosen as the lucky winners.

Upon conclusion, these 10 persons will be added to my Futures Trading Class and Strategy to enjoy the
following benefits


  1. Learn how to trade Futures from basic to Advance/Pro Level even as a newbie you have nothing to worry about because after watching two 5 minutes videos you will be able to trade Futures to profit all by yourself.
  2. Learn how to turn $20 to $2,000 in 30 days or less – my crazy Strategy to earn with Futures very fast
  3. Mastering Futures Trading Risk Management so you don’t lose money
  4. TA and FA guides.
  5. FREE access to my other CRYPTO resources
    a. 8 FREE Spot trading Videos
  6. 8 other ways to earn in crypto without trading
  7. Referral Bonus when you refer others

It’s a week Futures Trading & Strategy Class

Course Outline

  1. How to Trade Futures
  2. Futures Trading Risk Management
  3. Understanding Trading Psychology
    (Greed & Fear Index, Technical and Fundamental Analysis)
  4. How to Never lose money using any Futures’ Trading Leverage
  5. How to trade $20 to $2,000

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The Task to Accomplish:

To qualify for the premium Futures Trading Class, you are to invite a minimum of 100 persons into any of the Thrive social media platforms; WhatsApp, Telegram & Facebook using the link I’m going to share with you.

In the end, 10 participants with the highest invites will be chosen.

Note; if you meet up to the 100 minimum invite and they are 10 other persons who invited more than 100 members, you won’t qualify.

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