7 Pillars of Building a Successful Business

Your Business{Product or Service}

Your Business is primarily built on what you sell, something or substance that is manufactured, repackaged or refined for sale {Products} or what you offer or do for others and get paid for {Services/Solutions} In the journey of building a business you must be selling products or offering services

Your business won’t survive only on products/services you must make sure you build your business on these 7 pillars

Pillar 1: A Business Plan

According to Wikipedia a business plan is a formal written document containing business goals, the methods on how these goals can be attained, and the time frame within which these goals need to be achieved. Plan ahead don’t just jump into business draw a plan. If you fail to plan you are planning to fail though you may be lucky, but luck is not good enough in business.

Pillar 2: A deadline

In a book by Akin Alabi 21 Reasons Why You’re Not Yet A Millionaire And What To Do About Them* he quoted that in becoming a millionaire “You should set it as a goal.

In fact, you should set a time limit for yourself”. Stop setting goals without attaching a time-line procrastination can kill any dream. You can get this book from me it’s free

Pillar 3: Self-discipline

Don’t attempt starting anything worthwhile until you’re ready to discipline yourself to achieve it. What time do you wake up, how many hours do you use to watch movies. Self-discipline is the ability to pursue what one thinks is right, despite temptations to abandon it. If you want to get somewhere in your life and in business, you have goals to achieve, and dreams to chase you need discipline. Go study the daily routine of successful billionaires you will be amazed.

Pillar 4: Learn the Business

The moment everyone said I’m into this or that business the next thing is the rush to earn but let’s take a look at the traditional Apprenticeship Process, the apprentice focus on learning for years and when he/she gain freedom then earnings becomes the next goal. Learn first then you will earn. Since I started digital marketing I’ve come across hundreds of small business owners that can’t pay N5000 to attend seminars or business-related conferences(asset) but can buy 100k worth of owanbe cloth (liabilities). Be self-controlled don’t eat your seed when you’re supposed to sow it.

Pillar 5: Focus
Face One Course Until Success

It’s not good for any new business to be running two or more projects per time go and study big brands they start from one succeed and automate the success then move on to another project. Don’t sell every product in the market be selective per time and focus your energy and what works for you.

Pillar 6: Business Systems

Stop running a business by chance. You may be lucky but you won’t be able to repeat your success because you don’t have a system in place. If you want to build a successful and sustainable business you must have an outlined procedure, process, method, or course of action that either by design or experience you or others have used to achieve a specific result. Creating effective business systems is the only way to attain results that are consistent, measurable, and ultimately benefit yourself, your staff and your customers.

Pillar 7: Taking Consistent Action

Everyone has ideas but ideas are not enough, talk is cheap and it is easy to continue faking it even when you know you not serious about your business. Go to any market and learn from those Mama in the market they show up every day even when there is no sale yesterday they know there is power in showing up.

Nothing holds more importance than taking consistent action in building business.


1. What Business{Product/Service} are you into or planning to start?
2. Why that product/service?
3. What makes your business different, what are the benefits of the product/service? Are there any unique features – anything that separates you from other competitors? Do you have a guarantee that what you want to sell works?
4. Draw a business plan that contains your goals, how to attain those goals, and the time frame 5. How much time can you give daily to develop yourself and your business by dedicating yourself to learning about business and personal development?

Know of any other pillars you will like to add kindly use the comment box.

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