Steps to earn N100,000 to N500,000 or more in 30 days.

STEP 5: Engagement and Visibility

Stop selling all the time because that will not make people engage you.

You want serious engagement?? become a solution provider, become the go to guy.

For weeks now have tried to warn upcoming Internet entrepreneurs such as graphic designers but they won’t listen thinking 1K is the best they can charge for a job someone used to charge 12K for in the year 2012, yes not 2020 that you are still charging 500 for logo

But that’s not the gist

I was only posting some graphics designs on my WhatsApp status some days ago on what mockups should look like more than 20 people want me to handle their branding even a close business partner over the years want his brand identity, letterhead done by me under 24hrs and he is ready to pay.

Why I am saying all these if you want people, I mean high ticket, a list and serious people to start engaging you to start writing or showing them solutions.

In case you’ve missed the previous step to earn N100,000 to N 500,000 or more in 30 days let me quickly take you through it in few seconds

Step 1: What do you have to sell products (your own products or others people products or teach people what you know) or services (copywriting, Facebook ads, graphics design, web developing, etc)

Step 2: Your Target Income, & Market defines what you really want.

Step 3: Game of Numbers

Step 4: Your Marketplace (Online)

You can get the other steps from the group but my focus on this post is the fifth step.

Step 5: Engagement and Visibility

What problem can your product solve? or What can you teach people about your products that they really want to know?
E.g If you are selling organic skin care products, what home made solutions do you know that can cure pimples or stretch mark?

And if you are selling service, what problem can you write about that is associated with the service you want to sell?
For example if you are into Generator repair what are the common basic problems of Generator you can wirte about that people can fix by themselves?

What are you good at?

Write down a list.

Then, focus on THE ONE thing a lot of people want to learn

How will you know if a lot of people want to learn what you know?

It is simple:

Use Google or online forums or social media. . .

Type the topic and related keywords into the search bar/s

The number of results will tell you if people are interested in that topic.

NOW. . .

Go to FACEBOOK (for free or paid ads) or go to WhatsApp if you have lots of broadcast, status viewers or groups you can post to on WhatsApp and you can contact WhatsApp Marketers to promote your post for N1,000 or less.

To run a sponsored post targeting people who have an interest in that topic or related topics . . .

For example:

If you’re good at graphics design. . .

You can target people interested in graphic design, branding, logo, brand identity, startup, business, entrepreneurship, digital marketing etc (60% of Nigerians interested in Graphic design are over 20-years of age. . . so that explains why they’re interested in all of this. . .)

If you’ve never run a Facebook ad before,

Use the Facebook audience insight to search for your particular topic

You’ll see almost everything you need to know about people interested in that topic

Age, interests, how active they are on Facebook, the average number of comments they’ve made in the last 7 days and so on.

Now, write an educative post teaching something valuable (like I do with my WhatsApp Status)

At the end of your post,

Invite them to join a WhatsApp group or your Email List where you’ll be holding a FREE Class to teach them more

Or just so they can learn more and ask you questions.

Once they’re in your circle,

Nurture them for at least 3 days to 3weeks max. (Don’t sell anything YET)

Do this today ?

The other remaining steps are available to my circle because only 3% of people online are taking the information seriously.

To join my circle, you will need to pay a commitment fee of N1,000 whether you join or not it does not stop my earning and incase you think 100k income online in 30 days is too big to achieve for you that’s your problem but as for me I’ve closed two deals in the first fifteen days of this month on my WhatsApp yes the same WhatsApp you are wasting your data viewing porn status or busy posting pictures, videos of others or yourself only to go and be begging people for money to buy data or to buy data on credit.

I believe you know am a web developer but my highest job ever is N150K to N200K but just between last week and day before yesterday I closed two deals, the last week one is 350k same job I did for 100k before and this week is N500k job I use to do for 200k and have over 10 clients on my neck that I won’t take their job till I finish the two projects, you can call it anything you like but that’s how I do, I attend to 2 out of 10 clients per week and at times per month because I don’t want to disappoint anyone because I want to make more money and 2 clients that will pay 100s of thousand is enough for me per month than 10 or 100s that want to pay my weekly data subscription fee for website development.

I’m not doing this to make you feel bad or anything but I’m showing you this that it’s high time you start making your own money too on this app.

But I really want you to start making YOUR OWN MONEY so I will allow the very few people that will like to join the 100K in 30 days closed group to pay only N1,000 to join the group.

I know you will ask why access to the group is not free.

Yes I can do it for free infact those that are in the group for over 3 weeks joined without paying a kobo to anyone but only 3% of the people in the group are serious and am doing this to filter out the unserious 97% because I know you too won’t take this serious because it’s not invest N10 to make N10Million in 10 hours ?.

To pay the commitment fee use any of the chat buttons to request for payment link or bank account details.

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