How to make at least N100,000 to N500,000 or more weekly through ecommerce

If you are already selling online or planning to start selling online carefully go through this post and don’t jump a line or else you need to start reading again from the top.

I’m Ogunkunle Paul a pastor by calling and a passionate writer and entrepreneur. I believe everyone is created with boundless business potentials which is why I choose to be a business owner/entrepreneur, a lover of code, a web developer, internet marketer, a lifestyle, business, and financial freedom advocate. I train and help individual and businesses in web development, affiliate marketing, internet marketing, e-commerce solution, eLearning solution, blogging, info-marketing, VTU solution, WhatsApp Monetization and so on you can check my here

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Are you into buying and selling or you want to have your own online store (ecommerce)?

The slide above is some of eCommerce web designs developed and designed by me at the rate of N20,000 to N100,000 but you don’t have to pay me because I will guide you how you can do it by yourself without having any coding experience but let me do a little introduction to what ecommerce really means and how you can benefit from it massively.

My focus on this post

  1. How to set up your ecommerce website
  2. Mistakes to avoid in ecommerce
  3. Choosing Hot Products Niche
  4. How not to fail in ecommerce
  5. How to tackle Pay on Delivery
  6. How I made almost N200k in ecommerce in one week
  7. Facebook and Instagram ad set up
  8. Email Marketing and Copywriting that sells
  9. How to create an offer and beat competitors
  10. Dropshiping tools for those that are not interested in stocking products

What’s Ecommerce?

ecommerce simply means electronic(online, internet) commerce When you buy and sell online that’s ecommerce.

The best time to sell online is NOW


Revenue in the ecommerce market amounts to US$2,237,481m in 2020.
Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 7.6%, resulting in a market volume of US$3,003,971m by 2024. The market’s largest segment is Fashion with a market volume of US$717,993m in 2020.
User penetration is 56.1% in 2020 and is expected to hit 65.5% by 2024. The average revenue per user (ARPU) currently amounts to US$535.70.
In 2019, retail ecommerce sales worldwide amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022. Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide.

Due to the ongoing lockdowns in Nigeria, many businesses are looking to get started with selling on the internet.

If you are into ecommerce already or planning to go into ecommerce big time you need to take this serious. Let’s go

There is no magic or mystery about selling online What you do to “sell online” is you take an “offline” real thing, a product or service, and SELL IT online.

The focus of this post one after the other

1. How to set up your ecommerce website

There are different platforms that have shop options online, platforms like Shopify, Rave, PayStack, WordPress, and others but out of all these platforms the one with complete and unlimited yet affordable online shopping solutions is WordPress

With WordPress you can setup ecommerce website without paying WordPress a kobo (dime)

Yes it’s free

You only need hosting, domain name, and knowledge on how to use WordPress for your store to come online.
You can get hosting and domain name for as low as N5,000 per year and guide for WordPress cost between N2,000 to N50,000 online but don’t worry you can get if for free from me.

You can be selling on Social Media such WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram but if you really mean business and want to be making from N100,000 to N500,000 weekly you need an ecommerce website

2. Mistakes to avoid in ecommerce

I will just list out some points then proceed
The mistakes are:

  1. Overselling
  2. Not having business knowledge
    (there is no mystery about online business its what you do offline that you bring online)
  3. Not understanding the game of numbers
  4. Choosing Cold Niches
  5. Selling wrong products
  6. Wrong market targets
  7. Wrong adverts and so on
    I can go on and on with detailed explanation and experience I’ve gathered myself so far.

3. Choosing Hot Products Niche

If you are just starting ecommerce please try any of these four niches first:
1. Health/Food,
2. Beauty/Fashion
3. Sex &
4. Convenience (Products that makes life easy for people are called convenience products and these products sell daily. eg are kitchen utensils, flat tyres car pumps, etc)

4. How not to fail in ecommerce

To succeed in ecommerce, you’ve got to KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Just like in ANY business.
I see so many people eager to succeed in the ecommerce business.

Dont be in hurry

Impatience will kill ur business

Don’t buy product first get to know what your customers want/hungry for

And please stop dm to know the price and stop sharing pictures of your products up and down, since you’ve been sharing have you earn a million naira???

Wrong Product, Wrong Market and Impatience will kill your ecommerce career before you even start

5. How to tackle Pay on Delivery

This has stopped many from running successful ecommerce because of scammers.

  1. Add delivery cost to your products price
  2. Sell online to your city or location first
  3. Get dispatchers that can deliver in your city and also help to collect payment.
  4. Commitment(dispatch fee) before sending goods (this don’t work all d time)

6. How I made almost 200k in ecommerce in one week

? This ad roll for just 2 days and I redirect the ad to WhatsApp and it reached 7692 people and 554 people click and chat me about the sneakers. Only 52 out of the 554 that chat me bought the sneakers

Cost of buying Sneaker per pair is N2,500
Cost of ad placement = N2000
Sell at N6,000
Cost of pick up and delivery per pair = N500
Profit N3,000 per pair

That’s how I made N154,000 in one week after subtracting my N2,000 spent on Facebook ad placement

7. Facebook and Instagram ad set up

Create a Facebook page for your business then link it to your Instagram account. After that go and log into your Facebook Business Manager account and select “Create Ad”

After that, Just follow these 5 steps:

Step 1 – Select Conversions as your campaign objective

Step 2 – Create a Split Test and Test Audiences

Step 3 – Select Purchase as Your Conversion Event for your Pixel
This means that Facebook will optimize your ads to get purchase results.

Step 4 – Target 3 sets of audiences
can be based on location or based on Interest.

Step 5 – Use a killer Facebook Friendly Ad copy and Image that will grab the attention of your buyers.

8. Email Marketing and Copywriting that sells

You need to write ad copy that sells

It’s important you tell your prospects what they should do next and free delivery is Magic.

9. How to create offer and beat competitors

Don’t sell the product sell offer.
When everyone is asking for a delivery fee offer free delivery by adding delivery cost to your product’s cost
When everyone is selling two items or more differently
Ask them to pay for 1 and get the rest for free.

10. Dropshiping tools for those that are not interested in stocking products

Finally drop shipping tools this for those that are not interested in keeping stock. There are drop shipping tools you can leverage on at affordable prices.

If you are interested in starting your own ecom business you can get my ecommerce business guidesecret to 6 figure income in ecommerce in 3 months for only N10,000 this week before it goes back to N25,000 next week.

The guide contains

  1. WordPress guide worth N5,000
  2. Ecommerce setup guide worth N5,000
  3. Digital Marketing guide worth N5,000
  4. Sales and Landing Page setup guide worth N5,000
  5. Headline & Copywriting secrets worth N20,000
  6. Email Marketing and Funnel setup guide worth N20,000
  7. 3months strategy to 1million naira income worth N15,000


  1. WhatsApp Monetization worth N5,000
  2. Mini Importation guide worth N5,000
  3. Contacts of Local Wholesalers to buy from
  4. Cheap and Reputable Logistics company contact
  5. Access to Me for guide and advice on how to grow in your ecom business.
    All for free when you buy the ecom guide

All for only N10,000 going back to N25,000 very soon
The N10,000 offer will end on Friday the 10th of July 2020 and go back to N25,000.

I won’t be able to attend to more than 20 people so after the first 20 people pay I will stop accepting payments so I can focus on the 20 that paid and in 3 months I will be sharing their testimonies

or pay to Paul Ogunkunle GTB 0157023704 to enroll now before the price go back to N25,000 this Sunday

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