Do you need someone that can hold you by the hand and show you how to trade, invest in Crypotcurrency and also have access to all other crypto related opportunities such as exploring the WEB 3, NFT & METAVERSE space virtually?

If you want to learn about crypto then this ONE ON ONE VIRTUAL TRAINING is your best opportunity to learn.


1. Intro to Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency: You will be able to know about the innovative and powerful technology that powers Cryptocurrency and how cryptocurrency works.

2. Long-term Investment strategy: Holders are the wealthiest people in crypto learn the patience and holding game to earn upto 100,000,000% ROI in 10 years or less.

3. Cryptocurrency Trading

Spot & Leverage Trading Guide and Strategy

Learn how to start trading spot and futures and also get access to my 10,000% trading startegy in 30 to 180 days.

4. 5x – 1000x DeFi Guide: Learn all you need to know about DeFi and its opportunities and how to become a pro DeFi analsyt.

5. NFTs: Learn all you need to know about the NFTs world, how you can mint your own contents be it music, pictures, artwork and so on. Learn how to also buy NFTs that will appreciate in price and give reasonable ROI over time

6. METAVERSE: Learn all you need to know about MAetaverse, how you can interact, be a creator, owner and investor in the latest trend in crypto space.

7. WEB 3.0: Web 3.0 represents the next phase of the internet that will be decentralized, open, and of greater utilities such as decentralization; trustless and permissionless; AI and machine learning; connectivity and ubiquity.

ACCESS FEE: $1,000 till end 2021 going to $2,000 from 1st of January 2022.

You will also have access to all the bonus of my VIP members as you will get access to all listed above resources and other resources such as

THE BITCOIN SECRET BOOK not just the book but you will also have access to the following resources

DIP MONEY GUIDE – This will hep during bear market to know what to do and not to do.

CRYPTO INVESTMENT GUIDE – This is the list of my top 25 Cryptocurrency assets that has done over 15,000% in less than 1 year

DYOR GUIDE – Stop following people (hypemen) everywhere but be your own crypto prophet with this guide

EARN WITHOUT TRADING GUIDE – This resource will help you to see more than 5 ways you can earn without trading crypto.

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT – This is also come with weekly/monthly portfolio management to help you set goals to figure out how much help you need, mapping out your timeline and also suggest best investment strategies that suits your tolerance for risk.

You will also have access to VIP broadcast and updates: Yes you get signals and update in your DM. You don’t need to keep scrolling in the group before you can access life-changing signals.

All for $1,000 till end 2021 going to $2,000 from 1st of January 2022.


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