Let me help you manage your Portfolio and hold you by hand to take you through the process of maintaining and building wealth through investment in cryptocurrencies.

You can hire me today to actively or passively manage your portfolio for you to avoid loss of fund and help your crypto investment grows over time.

Please note that the access fee is $300 (non – refundable) or its equivalent in Naira for the first month, the minimum portfolio size is now $500 and the maximum is $100,000.

Please note that this 100% day trading so you can trade from your account with my guide or I trade for you and we share whatever results that come from trade.

You will be added to a WhatsApp report broadcast to know how much we gain or loss per trade and the size of the trading capital used.

Cryptocurrency is the best performing asset out of all other assets

Crypotcurrency gives unlimited and unimaginable ROI than other asset can’t give.

Let me share the story of one of my student that signed up for one of my resources in December 2020 and brought 5 of his friends to buy the same resource.

They started their crypto journey with less than $10,000 last year December their investment portfolio is hooooge now over $100,000 even after taking upto $50,000 profit in April 2021 but do you know I managed their portfolio for FREE without charging them a kobo but was compensated with measly $100 out of all that profit.

If I can personally provide all that guidance and knowledge on Crypto investment that keeps printing them dollar for free and they have this kind of result why not do the same thing for others that are in search of such investment knowledge and guidance.

I can charge as much as $20,000 for this knowledge but I’m not charging $10,000

Not even $5,000 or $2,000

Not even $1,000

The Access fee is only $300.

Don’t be left out, Take action now. There is also hooge bonus attached

Portfolio Management Package gave you access to the three of my premium resources

1. Futures

2. Defi &

3. Spot

You can handle your trade by yourself or you can send fund to my account to trade for you but if you are sending fund to me there are terms and conditions and contract agreement form that you will fill and also add your signature.


I take 30% from your profit.

Weekly Minimum 5 to 50% Increase Guaranteed.


You Bear at least 20% to 30% risk off your capital.

When you send fund to me you can’t pull out till after 6 months and you will agree to loss tolerance with at least 20% or 30% agreement of loss incase things goes sideways on spot trading because all fund won’t be used on futures.

After paying Access Fee you will get access to the three of my Premium Resources


1. Access to my premium group

2. Free Spot, Futures & Defi Trading Guide.

If you want me to trade for you without paying these access fee there is another package.

I can now trade for you without any need for you to pay for any of my portfolio management training resources.



5% to 10% monthly

40% to 80% in 6 months

100% to 150% in 12 months




WEEKLY REPORT: end of the week trading report every saturday evening.

If you are interested in this package use the link below ?


2X – 1000X CRYPTO PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT There are two ways I do this 1. Active portfolio management: calls to buy and sell repeatedly over short period of time. 2. Passive portfolio management: this focus calls to buy and sell over a long period of time. Four Important Roadmaps I follow in managing Crypto Portfolio 1. Your Investment goals: What you want to achieve determines how much money you need to invest and the strategy type that is most appropriate to achieve your objectives. 2. Figuring out how much help you want: Some of our investors may prefer to choose and manage all their investments by themselves through our guidance while some may want us to be in charge by transferring their fund to me and we agreed on certain profit and loss percentage over a particular period of time ranging from 3 months to 1 year. 3. Mapping out your timeline: You must have a timeline in mind so that you don’t use the money you many need for investment. When do you need the money you’re investing and is that date set in stone or flexible? Your timeline helps inform how aggressive or conservative your investment strategy needs to be. Most investment goals can be mapped to short-term, mid or Long-term. If, for example, you need the money within three months, you’ll want to minimize your exposure to the short-term volatility of the crypto market. 4. Determining your tolerance for risk: An investor’s willingness to accept risk is another key driver behind diversification decisions. The more risk you’re willing to take, the higher the potential payoff — high-risk investments tend to earn higher returns over time but may experience more short-term volatility. The goal is to strike the right risk-reward balance, picking investments that will help you achieve your goals but not keep you up at night with worry.


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