The challenge is all about leveraging on all my crypto resources to your advantage to gain two things namely

Knowledge & Financial Freedom

All the basic and advanced knowledge you need about crypto is available even for FREE and you also have an opportunity to earn money, while you learn.

$5,000/₦2,500,00, iPhone12 Max, and $1,000/₦500,000 are all available to be grabbed by all.

Right now as the market is no longer in massive bullish movement everywhere is silent and crypto coaches have reduced but do you know that people in their hundreds are seriously searching for information relating to crypto.

These Knowledge seekers are my target audience because they will make more money in the future than the money seekers.

How do you make money ???

You make money by promoting my Crypto Resources to friends, families, and other people online

Check Below for Available Resources with 20% Referral Commission

To get your unique affiliate link You will need to buy any of the crypto resources above with price ranging from as low as $10 to $500.

How to reach people faster and easily as an Affiliate Marketer

  1. Grab Free Knowledge about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies from my Telegram channel & group don’t just join read every write ups and watch all the videos because you can’t promote what you know little to nothing about to others.
  2. Create your own WhatsApp group or any platform to drive your traffic to so you can easily drop your referral link there first to your audience before they have access to my FREE Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies Academy. Promote your unique discount links because those that use your link will get discount on all my premium resources instead of paying 100%.
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Do you know you can earn up to $5,000, iPhone 12Max, and $1,000 for referring people to buy any of my premium resources?

To earn all you need do is refer people to the community in 90 days(3 months)

For example: When you refer people to buy the VIP Access you are supposed to earn 20% which is $30 around 15,000 in naira.

VIP ACCESS 90 Days Challenge Qualifications (Earnings Accumulation)

To earn ? $5,000 you will need to refer 100 people in 90days instead of earning only 20% you get extra 13.5% if you can refer upto 100 people to the VIP in 90 days(3 months)

To get the ? iPhone 12 Max or its cash equivalent you need to refer 60 people in 90 days to get the additional 10% commission instead of 20%

To earn ? $1000 you need to refer 40 people in 90 days to get additional 5% commission.


You earn the % per referral.

So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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