The history of crypotcurrencies has proven to be the best investment vechicle with unexpected, unprecedented and unlimited ROI like any other assets but many have lost millions like me because they are not ready to learn about crypotcurrencies before investing in it. Please before you jump into crypto make sure you buy THE BITCOIN SECRET BOOK.


If you learn and understand how Bitcoin & Crypto works you will be able to understand that there are three different types of people in Crypto world.

A). The Gamblers: These are the panic sellers, they jump in and will panic and sell, leading to a further loss in their investment.

B). The Hodler or Long-Term traders: These ones will hold long-term because they understand how bitcoin and crypto works.

C) The Short-Term Traders. They buys low and sell high. They don’t panic and they don’t hold long-term, they are the smartest and the craziest.

Stop Jumping Around!

It always the poor masses that refuse to buy knowledge but can borrow to invest.

Some people jumped on Bitcoin years with a gambling mindset with the hope that it will continue to moon and will never dip but those that understand the market knows the that there will be bear and bull market and even when price correction happens they will hold on to their coin and not be shouting they have lost money or crypto is scam up when the market dip.

The Bitcoin Secret Book is only #10,000 don’t be like me in 2017 buy Knowledge to stay ahead and never lose a kobo In Crypto

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A POWERFUL LESSON FROM THE CZ CEO OF BINANCE who become an overnight Billionaire in dollars through investment in Bitcoin/crypotcurrencies.

BTC hit $30 ATH in June 2011, from $0.30 in Jan 2011 (100x in 6 months).
Then “crashed” 90% to $3 (still 10x of before).
Then took just about 2 years to recover back to $30 in Feb 2013.

2 months later, in Apr 2013, $BTC hit a new ATH $213 (7x).
Check how big the previous $30 ATH looks.
There was also a “crash” to $70 from $213 during 2013.
Then recovered to back to $200+ in Oct 2013. (small 1 year cycle)

Then 2 months later, by Dec 2013, #btc hit another ATH at $1000+. 5x in 2 months.
There was another “crash” from $1000 to $200, and took about 3 years to recover back to $1000 in Feb 2017.

“This is the cycle when I entered.
Sold my house to buy $BTC at $600 in early 2014. Felt I was way late. It dropped to $200. Had to endure 2 years for it to recover.”

– CZ

Of course, many of you know what happens next.

10 months later, in Dec 2017, $BTC hit the “famous” ATH of $20,000. (20x in 10 months)
Most of us know that #bitcoin died many times in the last 3 years. “Crashed” to $3000.
But 3 years later, almost to the day, #btc recovered to $19700.

This was journey of CZ in 2014 to 2017

We are now in the year 2021, What’s going to happen next?

If you have purchased my book THE BITCOIN SECRET BOOK you will already know what’s going to happen, by now you must have already know how the beast sleeps and wake up when it’s time. This is why you don’t see people that know how Bitcoin works shouting up and down that they lose money at any point in time.

In my Book there is Bitcoin Investment Plan – There are 7 plans ranging from the 1-year plan, 2years, and 3years and the 5 to 10 years plan on how to make $1,000,000 with a tiny investment. The plans demystify BITCOIN and how to cash out big time from the most valuable asset in the world and never lose a dime from it no matter when you jump in.

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You will have an in-depth knowledge about Crypotcurrency

Inside the book are:

? Introduction to Cryptocurrency

? 40 Common Cryptocurrency Terminologies

? 10 lies about Cryptocurrency that you must know

? How to Make Money Through Cryptocurrency
The Bitcoin Investment Plan – These are 7 plans ranging from 1 year plan, 2years and 3years and the 5 to 10 years plan on how to make $1,000,000 with tiny investment

? How to secure Crypto Wallet and My crypto hard learned lessons and other ways to make money and cash out without fear through crypotcurrencies.

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or pay to 0157023704 Paul Ogunkunle GTB

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  1. The Bitcoin Secret Book is a book with so much depth of knowledge, expertise, experience and unearthing of hidden truths and secrets the so-called experts don’t know about. It’s really an eye opener for both the newbies and experts in the game of crypto currency and a must have. A shocking part for me is the array of bonuses and mentorship you get after purchase. If you don’t have this book, you are missing a great deal because crypto is the new kid on the blog. Thanks to the author for sharing his personal experiences and helping others to avoid seminar pitfalls. Get your copy right now because the current price can never be compared to value you get.

    1. Thanks Edward, for the kind words. It is my desire to be the light to everyone so they won’t have similar experiences I’ve had while gambling and jumping around.

  2. Paul Faith has been a devoted learner who has shown on many occasions that he can bring out the best from any project.
    That’s why I don’t for once doubted his efforts in writing Bitcoin Secret Book because I know what he’s capable of doing.

    By reading the book, I can bet you are going to get more than you’ve bargained for.

  3. Ogundokun John femi

    Knowledge is power they said and pst Paul has opened many eyes including mine to this secret. it’s a book that will guide you into systematic success if carefully studied and apply
    I can bet it to you that you are saving yourself from regret if through the reading of bitcoins secret book

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