There is no mystery about VTU Portal or setting it up even if you want to be selling directly from your sim

@ PPFDigiBrand we will not only sell to you but we will also arm you with the right information and solutions.

Vtu portal is made up of 2 to 3 things

1. Direct Source = Sim cards/Sim hosting

2. Third Party API = Leverage on other source

3. Website/Script = configuration and commands for user management, payment, transactions and additional features


4. Mobile Apps & USSD

If you have the capicity and traffic for the direct source that is to say selling directly and automatically from your sims we can help you set it up.

You need SIMs to sell from

Then we host your sim online

Then create script and develop your custom VTU website

Traffic is very important because of data/airtime validity period

If you don’t have the money or traffic to sell directly

You can look for external API

Then we handle Website/Script development

Or buy our VTU Portal Software with integrated API at N30,000 limited time offer

VTU business is not a small business though recently most of the new guys in the market are turning the bizz to small business because they sell half-life scripts with lots of imperfections making it difficult for those that purchase the script.

Quicketeller, Paga, Opay, Banks, Jumia and others paid millions of Naira to host their sim, develop website/Script and also offer mobile apps for their users and merchants with massive marketing to expand their business because they know how much they can make from the business and yes they are doing Billions of Naira Monthly

If you mean business and you are ready to make money Virtual Top Up business is your best and surest way to do it.

You can be making millions monthly through the following means

1. Your Own API, you can sell api to others that own website.

2. Create a VTU Merchant Website (Opportunity for resellers & agents)

3. Create a reseller scripts for Developers and Web Owners

4. Target Direct Users

5. Multilevel Marketing can also be leveraged on to sell your VTU products

Be Your Own Boss Today and Start Making Millions from VTU business monthly through our VTU Solutions:

1. Developers VTU script with integrated API – N30,000 limited time offer

We will rewrite our existing script and develop the script to meet the requirements of your hosting because recently we discover lots of issue are coming due to the script incompatibility with some limited hosting. This redevelopement will take less than 30 minutes then we send your script and you can install it by yourself on any website(existing or new) under 60 secs even if you are not a developer.

You can also get CMS Web Development Manual at N5,000 if you want to develop your website by yourself and Mobile App development guide is also available at N5,000 to turn your website to mobile app with free tools. Premium App builder for ios and android is also available at N100,000 only – this is another source of income when you start developing web and app for others

2. Developers VTU script + web development (100K) and mobile app (300K) – N400,000 This is no stress for you at all we install the script and develop the website for you plus mobile app development.

3. Vtu Portal and web Development with multiple (3 to 5) APIs by the top and reliable APIs providers such as VTPASS, Mobileairtimeng, Clubkonnect, and others – ₦200,000 limited time offer going back to ₦300,000 very soon
We handle the development on our host, Your VTU portal up and running under 24hrs – 48hrs after payment confirmation

4. VTU script + Your own API setup (Multiple & International API allowed) + Your Reseller Script – N500,000 or more
Yes you can sell directly from your sim and also sell your API to other web owners and also sell reseller script

5. VTU script + MLM – N800,000 or more
This gives you more edge and you grow faster with th speed of light.

If you cant afford any of the listed above solutions don’t worry you can start by selling from your phone and sim cards manually first

Do you know you can become an MTN SME reseller from your own MTN SIM and also have access to selling airtime and direct data of all networks too enjoying upto 10 to 15% discount???

That’s not all you can also get the popular MTN SME  at less than N300 per gb from your own sim and sell to other

The course is N10,000 but if you pay today you will enjoy 50% discount and pay only N5,000

Yes you can be getting glo, airtel, 9mobile and mtn direct data and airtime at 10 to 15% imagine getting airtime of 100 at N90 or N85???

To know about the sim vending you can join our  sim vendors master class today with only N5,000

If you need web development services for your portal we will gladly help you at affordable rate

Please note that our software is one time and lifetime purchase and if there is update you easily add the files to your server without issue.

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